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The new flossing CRAZE!

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

It's funny to think that flossing has become a FAD so to speak, but as a hygienist I couldn't be more pleased! I've never tried a floss that is flavored something other than mint, so when I saw this floss, I was immediately intrigued! I found it when I was shopping in Anthropologie and was waiting in the checkout line. I went home that evening and gave it a go and VOILA! I LOVED it! It has a very subtle taste and is thin enough to get in between my teeth! If you have trouble flossing and your floss breaks, then this is a great floss to try!

CocoFloss, the new floss craze!

The PACKAGING (because we all care about that!)

I absolutely adore the packaging and the slight strawberry taste is really quite unexpected and enjoyable!

On the back on the package, there's a great monthly indicator that I especially enjoy! It starts at 60 days and then the next circle is 30 days and then 2 weeks and then...time to get NEW floss (preferably a new flavor)! I enjoy having this because that way I can track my flossing habit and see how often I have been flossing!

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