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Bristles ALL around?! The Can't Miss Toothbrush!

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

I'm ALWAYS trying to find new and fun ways to get children AND adults to brush their teeth, but unfortunately it is pretty hard to do! Mostly because it's become an activity that falls on our 'to do/ duties' list which automatically erases ALL fun from it! When I learned that there was a different type of toothbrush with bristles ALL around it, I was SUPER intrigued because that meant shaking up the toothbrush world, which also means FUN!

When my Brilliant Can't Miss Toothbrush arrived in the mail, classically I ran to the bathroom (even though it was only 1PM...) and went to try it out! It was so bazaar, because as a dental hygienist you can bet your bottom that I know how to brush my teeth, right?! Well, wrong because when I got my hands on this brush and started...I stared in the mirror with such a blank look because I was like HOW DO I DO THIS?! and it shocked me, because I totally know how to use a toothbrush...not this guy! Which gives you an insight to how cool this brush is right?! I mean a brush that a dental hygienist doesn't know how to use?! Challenge Accepted!

What is it?!

Anyway, I figured it out and then literally couldn't stop brushing my teeth because it was so much FUN! I was experimenting with twisting and turning and literally I felt like I was just having a party inside my mouth! Let me show you why!

As you can see, this brush is UNIQUE!

How it Works:

Since the bristles are all the way around the brush handle, it works beautifully on your teeth, gums, cheeks, AND tongue! SO, you don't need a tongue cleaner! What I especially love about this brush is that you have to adjust your technique, meaning that instead of brushing horizontally, you focus on one or two teeth and brush them in a circular or side to side motion, which is super FUN!

Also, the best part is that they have a brush for EVERYONE! and I mean EVERYONE! People often forget that babies need to have their gums brushed to avoid infections. Often, the pain associated with 'teething' is due to bacteria interacting with the gum area when the tooth starts coming in, so brushing the gums allows for children to minimize the pain from 'teething'.

Since the brush has short bristles, you will find yourself being able to perfectly adapt it to each part of your tooth, especially behind the front teeth on both your upper and lower jaw, this toothbrush just slides down the tooth perfectly that you realize how you probably have never reached that part of the tooth in your lives! It's amazing! I did it once and then went back to do it again because I couldn't believe it!


In the image to the right, you will notice that there is a blue box showing the green toothbrush to be used for children 2-5 years old and then the blue one is for babies from 4-24 months. People are always asking me what toothbrush I would recommend for children and now that I've seen this brush and used it, I think this is the PERFECT brush for children! It's pretty easy to learn to use, once you realize it's NOT like a regular toothbrush. Also, allowing the children to twist the brush in a circular motion or brush side to side makes toothbrushing super FUN!

Okay, so now that you are truly OBSESSING over this brush, lets talk about the cost!


Usually each brush costs just under $10.00, now while that does sound expensive for a brush, you have to realize that this brush is pretty durable, since the bristles are short and surround the handle, they don't need to be replaced as often. Also, this is an 'all in one' meaning it acts as your toothbrush AND tongue scraper. However, cureently, triple bristle is having a sale that includes 3 BRUSHES for only $19.99 which is AMAZING!!!!!!! Click the link below for this deal!

Overall Thoughts:

I think this brush is an oral health GAME CHANGER! Toothbrushing isn't just a habit, it's something super important that needs to be focused on each and every morning and night, I think this brush adds an element of fun and spice to your toothbrushing regime! Also, since there's a brush for every age, your entire family can have this brush and everyone can have fun brushing together! When I was using this brush, I had a moment when I put it between my palms and moved them quickly to make the brush spin...and I'm imagine how much fun toddlers and even babies can have! If you start teaching your family that toothbrushing can be fun, then BOOM I can almost guarantee that your family will have low dental costs :)

You can get yours here:

XOXO, The Pink Hygienist

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