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DIY Toothy Pumpkin!!

When I was younger, my grandfather would always make a trip to visit us right before Halloween and we would all carve a pumpkin..well actually HE was the one doing the drawing, the carving with his swiss army knife...and pretty much everything! Well, my grandma did always take the pumpkin seeds and roast them...they were DELICIOUS! Anyway, my grandfather would do this with us every year while we were all younger (now remember, there are SIX of us all within EIGHT years, so you can pretty much just think CHAOS), well one year when we were basically running all over the place, he put down his knife and told us to come over and help him. All he was asking us to do was take the sharpie and draw a face on the pumpkin for the jack o lantern, well we kind of stopped playing and looked at him with such a look of incredulity because we couldn't believe we were being made to actually help with the carving, I mean this was my grandfather's job, right?! Haha, my poor grandfather must have seen our faces and our behavior and said to us; " If you want the jack o lantern, you have to carve it yourselves" and well shockingly enough, we didn't have a jackolantern that year, but it was well deserved! Doesn't this remind you of the story of the little hen who made the bread....ring a bell?!

That was the last year we had him come and carve our pumpkin and it was the last year we had a pumpkin....I always wondered why we never had another one until come this year, when I thought I had a BRILLIANT plan of making my own carved pumpkin! Well, after an hour I was fit to be tied because I couldn't believe how HARD it was! No wonder my grandfather decided to 'retire' from the duty! I mean, I didn't even have six children running around me and I was looking desperately towards my husband for help!

So, as you can imagine, my plan changed from creating a tooth jack o lantern to a tooth pumpkin who I named ( are you ready?!) Perry the Pink Premolar Pumpkin! After putting on the finishing touches, I couldn't stop staring at how cute she was! I even tried putting her outside our door in our building, but turns out there is a rule that we can't put anything outside our doors...bummmer!

Perry the PINK Premolar Pumpkin

How To:

Step 1: Draw a picture of a tooth on a really cute sized pumpkin

Step 2: Grab a knife, or some wood carving tools and carve around the tooth shape

Step 3: Draw a REALLY cute face, preferably happy and obviously with super goofy teeth, because after all, it IS a tooth!

Step 4: Carve around the eyes, mouth and teeth

Step 5: Grab some white paint and a paintbrush and paint your tooth to PERFECTION (obviously, I painted it white, but if you want to go au can always paint it yellow)

Step 6: Use PINK (well obviously you can use other colors, but for me I can ONLY use pink) and add some cute accents and make cute lips!

Step 7: VOILA! You now have a best friend named; Perry the PINK Premolar Pumpkin!

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