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Filling a wall with TOOTHPASTE?!

Growing up in a family of six children makes you think differently, meaning you learn to use and appreciate all the qualities that make up the family. In my case, we were taught to think outside the box and use ANY or ALL equipment around us.

I remember a time when I was in fifth grade. Each individual in my class was assigned a project where we needed to create a real life model of a tribe. After receiving the assignment, I remember all my friends talking about how they were going to ask their parents to go to Michael's to get all the supplies. Well, I too got excited at the mere notion of going to get supples, little did I know (though I should have..) that that option was not available to me because it went against my dad's philosophy. I came home that night and asked my dad to take me to Michael's, he told me okay, and proceeded to take me to his office! My dad's office is a house with every plant imaginable outside, as well as odd things here and there. He walked me to the backyard and told me to choose a piece of wood, after choosing one, he carefully cut the wood into a square and then pulled out a book of carpet samples (why he had that there I have no idea!), he told me that they could be used as tents! I then went around his office looking for small sticks to create my teepee's for my tents. At the end of my project, the only thing I had used that wasn't from my Dad's office was the glue and the hot glue gun.

I remember walking into my classroom holding my project and feeling so proud of myself, and guess what? Shockingly enough, no-one had a project even remotely similar to mine!

So, you can kind of get the gist of how I grew up! Well, this past week, my brothers stopped over to visit. I had tried and tried, but could not figure out how to make the towel rack stay in the wall. So, I enlisted the help of my brothers. They slipped it in easily into the wall and boom! I was thrilled! Unfortunately, due to my NUMEROUS attempts to place the towel rack in the wall, there were multiple, at least 20, holes all over my wall.

Well, my brother called my dad, and surprise, surprise he told my brother, that if I didn't have drywall filler on hand, the simple fix is to use toothpaste, which he knew I had A LOT OF!

Well, my brother then took our favorite toothpaste and filled the wall. I'm glad he chose my mint flavored one because the entire bathroom smelled like mint! But, the crazy part is that, as you can see, from the picture taken from a distance, you can barely tell that theres a hole!!!!

So, here I am, the queen of toothpaste, telling you that toothpaste isn't just for teeth, but also walls, given the opportunity!

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