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Getting Rid of 'Smoker's Breath'...Get ready for 'Listerine Ready! Tabs'!

As always I end up 'making excuses' to go to the drug store to check out the latest and greatest in dental products! This trip was driven by my ultimate NEED to buy more splenda! I absolutely LOVE anything and everything having to do with coffee, or as most people put it, milk with a drop of coffee! After grabbing the necessary box of splenda, I found myself in the oral health aisle perusing through the products! Suddenly my eyes landed on something I hadn't seen nor tried yet, the Listerine Ready! Tabs! So, of course I bought a pack to give it a try and let you know my thoughts on it!

Trying it Out

The claim on the package says that once you chew it, the solid tablet will turn into liquid and then you can swish the liquid around your mouth and swallow it....interesting isn't it? Because, you can't swallow regular listerine so I was definitely intrigued!

I popped one out and put it in my mouth. It wasn't as hard as I expected and basically crumbled away once my saliva touched it. The coolest part was that it DID turn into liquid and I suddenly found myself with a full mouth of liquid! I found it difficult to swallow mainly because we are trained to spit it out, so I couldn't fathom swallowing it, but I forced myself to and I really actually felt like I had brushed my teeth, which is CRAZY?!

I was speaking with my friend about them and he asked me if it would rid you of 'smoker's breath' meaning the breath of someone post smoking a cigarette. Well, he's a smoker and we tested the theory and it WORKED!

My friend mentioned that he currently uses the little Listerine strips that you put on your tongue and allow to dissolve. He says they are the best way he has found until using the Listerin Tabs! Actually, we tested using regular Listerine mouthwash and dissolving steps vs the Listerin Ready! Tabs and found that the Ready! Tabs made it seem that he hadn't smoked, which is AMAZING!


As you know, I'm always interested in the packing of products because most of the time they make or break it for me! In this situation the packaging is amazing! The packaging makes it super convenient to keep in a back pocket or purse and have this tab that opens and closes. Each of the tablets are fitted in the pop foil similar to packages of gum.

Why it works better than other products

My thoughts are that the chewing motion eliminates the smoking after smell and then the swishing allows the tablet to touch every surface in the mouth. The swallowing action eliminates the smell completely because it just goes straight down your thought. Whereas spitting it out, through using a mouth rinse, would bring the smoke after smell back towards the lips because you have had to spit it out through your mouth. It's basically combining a mouth rinse and gum in one, which is super cool!


A pack containing 8 tablets is on average $2.95, which makes each tablet about 36 cents each, which is pretty good for an 'all in one' answer to ridding yourself of 'smokers breath'! Only one tablet is needed to rid yourself of the breath, so depending on how many cigarettes you smoke daily, would depend on how many tablets you would chew daily. I found these in my local CVS, but I know they carry them at Walmart, Target, etc so it shouldn't be too hard to find! I have yet to find a combo pack though, so far only the pack of 8!

Hope you enjoyed! Stay awesome and stay pink!


The Pink Hygienist

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