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If a MOUTHWASH could change your life...

It's really funny because I feel like I have a personal connection to this mouthwash, but you won't believe how I got to this point, I mean...who has a PERSONAL connection to mouthwash?! RIGHT?! Anyway, I signed up for this monthly dental subscription box which sadly doesn't exist anymore, but definitely introduced me to something which exceeded ALL my expectations! In the subscription box I received what looked to be incredibly bazaar, it was an entire bottle of mouthwash called Nano Silver Mouthrinse, but it was called a nano silver mouthwash and I don't know about you, but I was like wait a second, is this a mouthwash that belongs in space?! Because, come on, with mouthwashes, they usually get creative with flavors, but that's pretty much it, I had never even HEARD of nano silver being combined with anything belonging in my mouth!

Well, fast forward to a few months later and I was at a dental hygiene convention. One of my friends came over and introduced me to this guy named Ryan and I was like looking at him wondering why he seemed so familiar...well turns out he's the genius behind creating this incredibly innovative and COMPLETELY effective mouthwash! Fun fact, we actually went ALL around the convention center looking for a sharpie because I wanted him to sign my mouthwash (FAN GIRLING, right?!), sadly I couldn't find one, but it was still amazing! I love stories like these because you never know where life takes you and I really think I received that subscription box to introduce me to this mouthwash because it really is something unique and special! Let me tell you why!

What is Nano Silver and Why would I put it in my mouth?

When using a mouthwash you want it to be effective in your mouth which means you need an ingredient that will kill the bacteria, right? Why? Because the bacteria in your mouth cause bad breath, cavities, and tooth pain, so of course you want to get rid of those bad boys!

Most mouthwashes use alcohol as the ingredient to kill these bacteria, but the problem with alcohol is that not only does it dry your mouth, but it also adds that 'sting' that a lot of people feel with mouthwash! I am a perfect example of this, I don't use very many mouthwashes because I always feel like they burn me! UGH! Well, a different ingredient that can kill these bacteria is called nano silver which is plant based and doesn't burn at ALL! The reason it is called nano silver is because the mouthwash uses nanoparticles of silver, simple right?!

How does it work?

So, think of dental plaque as dirt caked on the bottom of a shoe. It accumulates, right? It also doesn't come off the shoe unless you physically pick it off the shoe. Well, plaque is the same. When plaque forms on the teeth, unless it is brushed off immediately, after a few days the plaque forms this thick layer around the tooth. The problem with this layer of plaque is that all the good nutrients like calcium have no way of getting to the tooth, so the tooth sits there and slowly gets weaker and weaker.

Well, nano silver opens little holes in the plaque so that good nutrients like calcium and xylitol can get to the tooth and keep the tooth super strong! Nano silver is the only ingredient that can create the holes in the plaque. Alcohol and other ingredients used in other mouthwashes can't actually get through the plaque layer, so they only get rid of the superficial bacteria! So the nano silver acts as the 'pick' to take off the bulk of the dirt on the shoe, because once you get a large chunk off the shoes, suddenly you are able to slowly chip off the rest.

Tell me MORE!

One of my favorite aspects of this product is the transparency, meaning that the mouth rinse only contains 5 ingredients and the company tells you EXACTLY what they are for! I find that a lot of times all of these dental products can contain so many different ingredients that by the time you get to reading the ingredient list you're absolutely EXHAUSTED! Literally, if you look at the ingredient list for this mouthwash you will see exactly what I've written below!

What are the 5 ingredients and what do they do?

Nano silver- Creates little holes in the plaque

Calcium- Remineralizes your teeth (keeps them strong and resistant to decay)

Xylitol- Neutralizes the acid created from the plaque

Natural Flavor- Taste (and is totally created from plant extracts)

Water- Provides the base of the mouthwash


So, in my picture I am using the winter mint which tastes AMAZING! But they also have FABULOUS flavors like: Cinnamon, Honey, and Peppermint. They also have AMAZING flavors for children such as: Mint, Bubblegum, Apple, and Lollipop!

Where Can I Buy This?

So, definitely on Amazon, but also I recently saw it at Whole Foods, so definitely take a look over there when you're there! I usually stick to Amazon because it's so much easier!

Why am I a HUGE FAN?

As a practicing dental hygienist, I am constantly on the lookout for products that are EVIDENCE BASED, meaning that studies and experiments are backing the product. Well, this Elementa Silver Mouthrinse has been studied and perfected to truly eliminate bacteria while ALSO strengthening your teeth, making your teeth SOOOO much happier! So I absolutely LOVE being able to suggest this to patients because I know for a FACT it works!

XOXO, The Pink Hygienist

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