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My FAV Manual Toothbrush!

Why this Manual Toothbrush?

I was privileged to attend the annual dental hygiene convention in Jacksonville in 2017. Being that it was my first time EVER attending a convention, I had no idea how many things I was going to receive. My saving grace was a senior dental hygiene student who had told me, prior to leaving for the convention, to bring an extra suitcase for all the exciting things I was to receive! Thank goodness for her!

At one of the booths, the CURAPROX booth, my eyes were immediately drawn to this beautiful hot pink toothbrush! The lady there, saw my absolute NEED, and kindly gave it to me. I took it home and only opened it 7 months later because I needed a toothbrush for a trip we were going on.

W-O-W! It is so soft against your gums, but also is durable, as in it still feels like you've properly brushed your teeth! It's super sleek and the handle is nice to hold on to. My only con about it, is that it does take more time to clean, you can't just rinse and hope that all the toothpaste and saliva is off. You need to put this brush under the faucet and run your finger through it to really keep it clean.

MY absolute favorite manual tooth brush!

Pro: Sleek design, soft bristles, thorough clean.

Con: Takes a little longer to clean after use.

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