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My new FAV Toothpaste: AP 24

WOW! So, someone reached out to me about sending me this toothpaste to give it a try. Of course I said YES because come on my favorite thing to do is try new toothpaste and find out all the ins and outs about it! Also, I won't ever write a post prior to trying the actual product. I have to know the ins and outs of it before telling other people about it!

Well, I wasn't disappointed! I started using this toothpaste and actually can't stop! Let me tell you why!

What is it?

AP24 is a toothpaste created by Nu Skin, which is a brand that creates products with 'all of the good, none of the bad' ...I mean with a pitch like that, I definitely wanted to see what made this toothpaste special! Ap stands for Anti Plaque, which is definitely a good name for some toothpaste, right?!

What's in it?

Okay, so my first thing I look at when I get a new product are the ingredients! Mostly because if I'm using a paste at least 2x a day, every day of my life, then I better know what I'm putting into my body because as much as you might deny it, around as much as 0.6mg of toothpaste is ingested by each person, so if it's going into your body then well, we should know more about it, right?!

Well, my radar immediately got a good 'ping' when I saw the fluoride content. To review: Fluoride has no disadvantages to using it. Fluoride, once it contacts your tooth, strengthens your enamel, it does this by altering the enamel crystals and making them stronger so they can withstand your oral environment. This paste has 0.76% of the fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate. I mention the type of fluoride, because this type of fluoride compared to others (think sodium fluoride) has a minimal aftertaste. I happen to be pretty sensitive to the different levels of mint, like I cannot handle strong mint, so when I see the sodium monofluorphosohate as an ingredient in a product I am immediately drawn towards it because I know it won't have the CRAZY mint flavor.

The next ingredient to trigger my brain was seeing that there was sodium laurel sulfate (AKA SLS). When you use a toothpaste and it foams in your mouth, it's because it contains this ingredient. Right now, it seems to be a trend to avoid using the SLS in pastes, I for one hate this trend because I enjoy the foaming nature of the toothpaste. I feel better after using it and truly enjoy how it reaches each part of my tooth!


The flavor of the paste is vanilla mint, which before you knock, actually tastes amazing! I would never have chosen it for myself and would never have thought it could taste as good as it does. You don't really taste the vanilla aspect of it, it's mostly tastes like a light mint, like it you took mint chocolate chip ice cream and blended it with vanilla ice cream! It's just perfectly minty, while not overwhelming your senses with the mint!

Does it whiten your teeth?

After using this toothpaste for 2 full weeks, I didn't notice anything different in the color of my teeth, however I know other people have noticed the whitening effect. Check out this picture of a friend of mine that used it for a few weeks!

So after continual usage for a few more weeks I may have a whiter smile, however my teeth happen to be on the whiter side, so if I ever want to specifically whiten my teeth, I just use a whitening gel or something, I don't usually rely on my toothpastes to whiten my teeth.


So typically, a tube of toothpaste costs $20.00, but if you click on the link below you can get yourself a tube for $17.00 (15% off). Now while this is quite costly, don't worry I totally get it, if you are looking for ways to make your oral regime better, I can almost promise you that you will absolutely LOVE this toothpaste! Like I had no idea I would fall in love so quickly! Since it also had fluoride and healthy ingredients, its worth it, I promise. I wouldn't tell you to buy it otherwise.


My Thoughts:

After I started using this toothpaste, I truly haven't gone back to using other toothpaste! I absolutely LOVE the sudsy clean that this toothpaste brings my mouth, I love the light mint flavor and I know this may sound weird, but I really love the consistency of the paste. It easily glides after a quick squeeze and doesn't require effort, I like that the lid is attached to it, so it's easy for me to close after using, and my teeth genuinely feel AMAZING after using it! So, you can say I might have fallen in love with it! I always say that I like my toothpaste like I like my husband ...sweet, clean, and freshy fresh!

XOXO, The Pink Hygienist

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