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PIKSTIX....A better solution to using wooden wedges!

I always wondered why people used toothpicks. I mean I always knew that after going to a restaurant, we would be provided toothpicks with the bill, but I never knew why! Meaning that I understood the fact that people could use them to pick around in their mouth for extra pieces of that steak they forgot about, but really why would a nice restaurant provide you with toothpicks to then leave looking like, as my mom would call us, a redneck!

When I was in Dental Hygiene school I learned exactly WHY people use them and I would like to start a poll where I approach each hostess and ask them if they truly know the reason why they provide toothpicks following each meal!

I find that when I ask a lot of people how they clean between their teeth I get the response that they use toothpicks! My follow up question is where they get the toothpicks from in which they respond the local drug store. After one such question answer situation, I went to the drug store to see what my patients were talking about! They were right! There are many different brands of wooden picks that are MEANT to be used in the mouth. Well this stumped me because I didn't think it made sense, why would people willfully put a wooden pick in their mouth, weren't they scared about splinters? And, isn't floss just a better option!? Well, spurred on by my newfound questions, I did some research and found some interesting new information!

What makes using a wedge different than flossing?

There are a few key differences that wedges do and floss does not:

- The motion of moving the wedge in and out between the teeth causes gum stimulation ( think of it as massaging the gum, the gum needs to be massaged so the blood flows through your gums and gives you the nice pink color we like).

- Since the wedges are made in a wedge shape, they are made to fit perfectly between your teeth and slide in without hurting the gum, wheras floss, if used incorrectly ( as in just forcing it aggressivly between the teeth) can cause injuries to the gums.

- Sometimes plaque is big and bulky and gets stuck between your teeth, using a wedge can effectivly push out the plaque in one motion, whereas flossing would only remove the plaque directly near the tooth.


As you can see, there are an array of benefits from using these wedges, but what bothered me was that even though all of the brands of wooden picks claimed that they wouldn't splinter etc, I just couldn't imagine that it was the best pick in the world....and I was right!

When I stumbled upon Pikstix, I was like WOAH THESE ARE AMAZING and you will definitely agree once you use them!


- AMAZING handle, wide enough that all ages are able to hold it between their fingers.

- The edge is the perfect width and slides straight between any two teeth, it is also long enough to reach the back teeth.

- Sturdy enough that it doesn't bend when you push it between your teeth.

- Dull enough that it won't puncture or agitate your gums.

Picks are really wonderful and benefit your teeth greatly! These Pikster pixstix picks are AMAZING! and I know that once you give them a go, you will also agree with me! So get to it and start PIKING!

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