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PINK is me and I am PINK!

When I was a student in my dental hygiene program, one of the first lunch and learns we had was with an electric toothbrush company. Me being the person I am got SO excited because I was getting a complimentary electric toothbrush! My day was MADE! However, when I came home that night, my wonderful husband brought to my attention that by giving me an electric toothbrush, they were inadvertently creating a bias in my mind! Well, he was SO right, because when people would ask me what toothbrush I would recommend, I would immediately say the brand of electric toothbrush I had received. Well, this got me thinking about how to destroy my toothbrush bias! The only solution I could come up with was to try EVERY toothbrush on the market and teach people about it! SO, welcome to my journey of trying every dental product and letting you know my thoughts and feelings about it!

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