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QUIP Toothbrush Review!

It's officially the toothbrush EVERYONE is talking about, even my non- toothbrush hubby! I believe they just reached 1million subscribers, so W-O-W! Unless you've heard about it, you're probably like 'what does a toothbrush subscriber even mean'? You're right! It's bazaar but EXTREMELY smart! So basically, you know when you go to the dental hygienist and she/he asks you that famous question; ' How often do you change your toothbrush?'. SO, you could either be like me and lie literally THROUGH YOUR TEETH about replacing it every few months, or you could tell them the truth; that you probably only replace it when it's starting to look REEEALLLY malformed, sometimes to the extent that it doesn't even resemble a toothbrush anymore!

Quip arrived and stole the show for this exact line of questioning! Basically, they created a 'subscription' box essentially for toothbrushes and toothpastes! You buy the electric toothbrush for as low as $25.00 and as high as $40.00 and then you pay $5 every few months and receive toothpaste and a brand new brush head! Brilliant, right? I had heard about it for some time and when my husband showed interest in it, I was like wait a second, I need to get my hands on one of these guys and give it a try!

My Thoughts

I got the toothbrush and toothpaste in their STUNNING packaging!! The toothbrush itself is a beautifully made sleek design that is able to travel anywhere and everywhere with you!

The handle feels amazing in your hand and it really is just beautiful to look at!

My usual test for electric toothbrushes is that I turn them on and feel the bristles to determine if the bristles move or if the entire toothbrush moves. I do this because if the individual bristles move that means that you as a 'brusher' don't need to aggressively brush your teeth, but rather allow the toothbrush to do the work for you! Whereas if the entire brush vibrates, then essentially its just what I call a 'moving toothbrush' meaning that you need to actively brush your teeth with conscious thought!

Well, I performed this test and noticed that the entire toothbrush vibrated, meaning that it's a 'moving toothbrush' which is great and still works wonderfully in your mouth, but it isn't going to do anything special to your teeth without YOU putting effort into moving it along all your teeth and rotating it!

Pro's and Con's


-Packaging is AMAZING!

-Sleek design.

-Tothpaste and brush heads delivered to your door without pre-thought for a good price!


- Cannot be used in the traditional way a electric toothbrush would be used, you need to actively move this toothbrush against your teeth, you cannot lightly grip the toothbrush and expect it to remove the bacteria from your mouth.

All in all, I think this toothbrush encourages people to change their toothbrush head because it does it for you with a delivery every few months!

There are many reasons people should change their toothbrushes every month, but a big one would be that if you get sick or were in contact with someone sick or infectious, that bacteria is in your mouth which then goes on your toothbrush! If you don't change that brush, then you have NO hope of ridding yourself of the bacteria and therefore are at a way higher risk of receiving decay and even possible heart issues from that bacteria. You don't want that so you need to change out your toothbrush!

If you are a person who enjoys signing up for a subscription to save time, then this is an AMAZING option! If you aren't one of these people, but love the design then go get because I am all about buying something pretty if it makes you do something good and in this case brushing your teeth is REALLY important, so if you need a beautiful toothbrush to do that then go grab this one! Otherwise, if you love your expensive electric toothbrush, then I wouldn't replace it with this and if you're none of the above then keep doing what you're doing!


The Pink Hygienist

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