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The DIFFERENCE between the NEW Colgate Total and the OLD Colgate Total

When I was at the Greater New York Dental Convention (GNYDM) this past September, there was a line wrapping around the entire Colgate booth. Now, this isn't surprising because usually there is ALWAYS a line around their booth simply because they are one of the booths that provide the most samples! But this line was longer than normal, so I stopped and asked one of the ladies working there what was new. She told me that Colgate had come out with a new formulation of their infamous Colgate Total toothpaste! Well, the minute my ears heard the word 'New' combined with dental I knew I needed to try it!

Now, after weeks of using the NEW Colgate Total, I decided to share the differences between it and the old one, because it is pretty interesting.

What makes it different?

Stannous fluoride is the simple answer. The NEW Colgate Total toothpaste has stannous fluoride in it and the reason this is so interesting is because stannous fluoride has been around FOREVER. The only reason most toothpastes stay away from it is because for EONS stannous fluoride has been known to cause staining, and come on who would want to use a toothpaste that causes your teeth to stain?! NOONE. But, recently scientists have found ways to mix stannous fluoride in a way that DOESN'T cause staining, crazy. I know!

Well, if Stannous fluoride is in the NEW Colgate Total, then what is in the OLD Colgate Total?

The OLD Colgate Total has sodium fluoride, which is a different type of fluoride that helps your teeth get stronger and DOESN'T stain!

What's the difference between Stannous Fluoride and Sodium Fluoride?

The main difference is that Stannous fluoride is an antimicrobial, meaning that it kills off the bacteria that can cause weakening of the enamel. Sodium fluoride is not an antimicrobial and is usually paired with Triclosan which is the ingredient that is an antimicrobial, so if you look at the active ingredients of the OLD Colgate Total, you will see that it first lists Sodium fluoride and directly under it is Triclosan (0.30%)

Well then, why is Stannous Fluoride better, if Sodium Fluoride combined with Triclosan acts as an antimicrobial too?

Since dental hygiene and oral health are purely evidence based, meaning that everything we do and believe is completely backed by years of evidence and clinical trials. Clinical trials were done using a toothpaste contains stannous fluoride vs sodium fluoride and triclosan. After six months, the people using the stannous fluoride toothpaste showed WAY more of a reduction in gingivitis vs those using the sodium fluoride and triclosan. These results proved that though both Stannous fluoride and Sodium fluoride + Triclosan act as antimicrobials, one is definitely more effective!

I like to think of it similar to a vacuum vs a broom (weird, I know, but go with it). Think of wooden floors. When crumbs accumulate all over the floor it's time to get rid of it. Both a vacuum and a broom will do the job, pretty effectively, but one of them is faster and more efficient, right? The same is true with Stannous fluoride, both Stannous Fluoride and Sodium Fluoride +Triclosan act as antimicrobials, however one is more effective, so wouldn't you want to use the more effective option?

Does it taste different?

In my opinion, I didn't notice any change to the taste, it still lists that the flavor is clean mint and after looking over the ingredients, the taste shouldn't be very different. Typically Stannous fluoride is known to have a different taste, but since the formulation fo the toothpaste is similar to the OLD one, the taste is the same. But then again, I am not a taste expert so maybe if you are one, you would be able to tell the difference?!

I've always really been using Colgate Total as the 'go to' toothpaste for anyone with gingivitis, because gingivitis simply put is completely due to bacteria causing your gums to become enflamed or puffy! When you have gingivitis, you need to fight it with antimicrobial because you want to get rid of all the bad bacteria causing your gums to be unhappy! Stannous Fluoride does just that, so BOOM lets use it and kiss those bad bacteria a sweet GOODBYE!

XOXO, The Pink Hygienist

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