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Water Flosser with added Perio Aids

Flossing is without a doubt the WORST part of dentistry. Actually, when I was applying to dental hygiene school I remember thinking 'shoot, does this mean I'm going to have to tell patients' they need to floss?' Because, if I absolutely hate doing it then how in the world can I convince someone else to do it, right?!

Well, when I was introduced to a water irrigator (AKA, water flosser), I was SHOCKED! Mostly because it is AMAZING! The mechanism of action is simple. Water is directed in a a powerful stream towards the contact of your teeth. Think of it like a water gun shooting between each and every tooth, sounds amazing right?! I specifically use the term water flosser because as of now I have used a large array of them and not one is better than the other, so I always say, just choose the one with the 5 stars and get started!

Does using a Water Flosser count as flossing?

This is the famous question always asked. My answer is simple. The point of flossing is to break up the bacteria between your teeth. Think of it as though bacteria are people partying in your mouth, at a certain point you want to break up the party, so you brush your teeth and boom; the bacteria on your teeth is gone, but what about between your teeth? Unless you've done something between your teeth, those bacteria are still there and every day you don't stop them, the party is turning more and more into a RAGER!

So, now that you are able to visualize bacteria in your mouth, you can understand that the main point of flossing is disrupting the bacteria BETWEEN your teeth. So, flossing is the ideal way to do this because the floss literally rubs alongside the tooth and root of the tooth, essentially disrupting ALL bacterial interactions! But, a lot of people aren't flossing correctly or just aren't flossing in general. So, if you're NOT a flosser (like me) but seem to have fallen in love with the water flosser (also like me) then using a water flosser is AMAZING and in turn disrupts the bacteria AND helps YOU, so of course it's a GREAT tool to use!

Adding Stuff to your water flosser reservoir:

Occasionally, you will find dentists or dental hygienists suggesting putting something inside the reservoir of your water flosser. This is an AWESOME suggestion! Mostly because water, while having amazing properties, does not have an antimicrobial aspect to it. So, by adding something that has antimicrobial properties you are turning your already AMAZING water flossing regime to something above and beyond!

Adding PerioBrite Cleanse:

Nature's Answer makes an oral cleansing concentrate to specifically be added to water flossers! I'm a HUGE fan of it, mainly because it's TOTALLY natural, incorporating the essential oils which provide the antimicrobial that help defend your teeth against the bad bacteria! They also have a patented herbal extract called Phytoplenolin which has proven to help with cell vitality! The main cause of gingivitis and periodontitis is bacteria, so when you're looking to prevent yourself from getting these, you have to start at the basics...eliminate those bad bacteria!

How to use it:

The actual PerioBrite Cleanse comes equipped with a pump which makes your life SO much easier. So, you pump 2 pumps to warm water in your water resevoir of your water flosser. Don't worry, it doesn't taste bad! All it does it add a little bit of a minty flavor to your water, so you honestly won't really notice the taste, which is great (if anything you'll be like me and start LOVING it)!


The entire bottle is about $13 give or take depending on where you shop! I've been using mine and based on my usage, I think you would only need to buy this 2x yearly. Because think about how often you are refilling your water in your water reservoir. You only are using 2 pumps of this every time you refill the water, and since this comes with a pump, you won't find yourself wasting or worrying about putting too much or too little in it.

When would I use this?

Honestly, I always say that I wish I could own a water flossing company only to provide the warranty that if you don't love it, you can return it. Because I absolutely LOVE my water flosser and I really LOVE that I can just add this to it and get WAY more benefits than just flossing could provide. On that note, if you are looking for a totally natural product to enhance your gum health, then this PerioBrite Cleanse is for you! I always say, don't wait until you get periodontitis to care about your gums, start now! Noone is so perfect that they wouldn't need to take care of their gums!

XOXO, The Pink Hygienist

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