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When I first saw black toothpaste trending on the internet I was SO curious about it. I just couldn't get over the fact that people were brushing their teeth with what looked like ASHES, I mean were they crazy?! But then I decided that I too wanted to brush my teeth with the charcoal paste and so I did and I'm here to tell the tale!

I was wondering through my favorite aisle at Face Values and Beyond....the toothbrush aisle, looking for some fun new items that I could try, but unfortunately nothing really spoke to me that day. BUT, I did find snack, so I headed to the checkout line and there, sitting right near the cashier was this MAGIC MUD WHITENING Toothpaste, well it was a no brainer, I absolutely NEEDED to try it! I took it home that night and gave it a whirl..

My Thoughts?

In my experience using it, I found that it really does give you a super clean feel in your mouth after using it! But, it takes more time to remove the black from your teeth then it does to use it on your teeth! Crazy, I know! I finished using it and looked in the mirror and couldn't believe it! There was black stuck in between ALL my teeth and this was after rinsing already!

Is it actually good for your teeth?

After looking up and reading a lot of scholarly articles I found the answer to the question I asked myself! 

Basically, the reason it is considered a whitening toothpaste is because the particles in the toothpaste are so big that they basically SCRUB your teeth, so any stain you might have, most probably will come off. But you have to be careful about this scrubbing, because the outer coating of your tooth (called Enamel) can wear away from big particles in toothpaste (like this one) and the sad part is that enamel doesn't grow back, so once it's's GONE!

The other part about this toothpaste I didn't love is that is is SOOO HARD to squeeze out! I literally was squeezing and squeezing and nothing was come out. The toothpaste was just so incredibly thick that by the time I had it squeezed out, I was exhausted (good thing it was nighttime, right?!)

I mean how many toothpastes are thick enough that I can fingerpaint with it?!

Pro' s

-Clean coconut pepperminty feel after using


-No fluoride, so doesn't prevent cavities.

-Gets stuck between your teeth after using it.

-TOO thick so you can't squeeze it out of the tube.

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